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Redefining the Way 
We Move

The startup began as the brainchild of Nishant Agarwal, who was deeply moved by the challenges faced by people with limb differences in accessing quality prosthetic solutions.

The vision was simple yet profound: to create advanced, affordable, and customizable prosthetics that would empower individuals with limb loss to regain their independence and lead fulfilling lives.

The journey started with extensive research into the latest materials, technologies, and design principles in the field of prosthetics. The team collaborated with experts, prosthetists, and amputees to gain invaluable insights and feedback.


lifeandlimb's innovative spirit led to the development of cutting-edge prosthetic designs. Using 3D printing, advanced materials like Nylon PA - 11, and smart EMG sensor technology, they pushed the boundaries of what prosthetics could achieve.


Prototyping and testing became integral to the process, ensuring that every product met the highest standards of functionality and comfort.



Recognizing that every individual is unique,  lifeandlimb prioritized customization. They developed a user-friendly app that allowed individuals to personalize their prosthetic limbs, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality. 

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